Part of the Talisman Sculptures series.

Upon recently discovering a small wax horse figure created almost two decades ago, Maggie felt ready to begin making horse sculptures again. “It was as if an idea born whilst still in art school was finally done marinating in my subconscious. Randomly coming across that little wax horse was the spark to begin sculpting the horses, the little wax figure was my Talisman.”

The Talisman sculptures are stoneware ceramic and mounted with various hardwoods. They evoke the inexplicable connection man has always had to the beauty and power of horses and through Maggie's gestural style of sculpture they remind us of the ancient equine artifacts. They almost look as if they were recently excavated. 



Maggie Robertson




10 H x 4 W x 4 D in approx.


Hand-built stoneware


New, original work of art.

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