The Beige Stack

The Beige Stack



This curated book stack is part of our collaboration with LA-based, Maison Plage. The stack is curated to be visually pleasing as well as a joy to read and peruse. The stack includes Annie Leibovitz: Wonderland, Le Grand Hôtel & Café de la Paix: French Art de Vivre, and Slim Aarons: Style

Annie Leibovitz: Wonderland | This book is new. With a foreword by Anna Wintour, followed by 350 extraordinary images, Annie Leibovitz’s Wonderland takes you on a fashion journey like no other. This book is a collection of the legendary photographer’s unpublished photos as well as her portraits of famous familiar faces. Leibovitz’s diverse range of subjects includes Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Lady Gaga, Matthew Barney, Kate Moss, Rihanna, Karl Lagerfeld, and many more. Flipping through the pages, you’ll find yourself falling down the rabbit hole into a wonderland of extravagant fashion and art.

Le Grand Hôtel & Café de la Paix: French Art de Vivre | This book is new. Conjured up during Baron Haussmann’s extensive urban renewal program in the nineteenth century, and freshly renovated by master designer Pierre-Yves Rochon, Located in Paris, The Grand Hotel and its Café de la Paix is renowned for its timeless, luxurious architecture and interiors. This book celebrates the hotel and café as the epicenter of the most cherished era in Parisian history. The pages immerse you in the history of the Belle Époque palace with its 458 rooms and suites. Visitors from all over the world met under the glass roof of its winter garden. The café was a meeting-place for an array of noteworthy names such as Ernest Hemingway, Marlene Dietrich, John Travolta and many more.

Slim Aarons: Style | This book is new. “I didn’t do fashion. I did the people in their clothes that became the fashion,” said lifestyle photographer Slim Aarons. Despite his views, Aarons’s work is inevitably tied to fashion. Aarons’s extremely influential images of high society and luxurious lifestyles remain a source of inspiration for modern day style icons. Slim Aarons: Style is a collection of the photographer's most stylish work. It celebrates the photographs that both documented and inspired the leaders of the fashion world. This book includes early black-and-white fashion photography, as well as portraits of the stylish elite—like Jacqueline de Ribes, C.Z. Guest, Nan Kempner, and Marisa Berenson—and those that designed the clothes, such as Oscar de la Renta, Emilio Pucci, Mary McFadden, and Lilly Pulitzer.



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The Beige Stack
The Beige Stack
The Beige Stack
The Beige Stack