Brazilian Sheepskin Rug - Black - FORSYTH
Brazilian Sheepskin Rug - Black - FORSYTH
$ 145.00

Brazilian Sheepskin Rug - Black

The naturalness and softness of a sheepskin rug can quickly elevate a room's beauty. On the floor, thrown over chairs and couches, this versatile design piece is a favorite of the Forsyth design team.  

We hand-select our beautiful rugs from the finest Brazil sheepskin.  Each rug meets our very high standards of hair quality, coloring, and size.  You will not find a sheepskin rug as soft and luxurious as a Forsyth sheepskin rug.

In comparing to our New Zealand sheepskin, the Brazilian sheepskin has rougher, thicker hair. When draped over a chair or thrown across the floor, the rug creates a more rustic look. 


  • 100% natural sheepskins from Brazil
  • Approx. 2'4" x 3'4" but each varies
  • Lined in canvas
  • Durable leather and canvas underside
  • Single pelt
  • Care: see our FAQ page