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Frequently Asked Questions

At Forsyth, your satisfaction with our products is of the utmost importance.  If we have not answered your questions below, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Do you do custom orders?  Yes. Forsyth creates custom furniture and items using our beautiful hides. Please contact us and we will help you meet your customer's needs. 

How do I take care of and clean my Forsyth zebra and cowhide rugs and pillows? Forsyth hide rugs will offer years of beauty and durability with minimal care.  It is important to note that hair on hide is a natural product and will wear under heavy traffic conditions.  With light wear, you can shake out the hide to remove dust - or simply vacuum as you would any other rug, using suction-only without the vacuum's beater bar.  The hide's natural oils resist staining – simply wipe up any spills.  If a stain should occur, use mild soap, warm water, and a soft brush to rub lightly with the grain of the hair.  If the hide becomes very dirty, please contact your local leather cleaner.

Forsyth rugs are not lined on the underside.  On occasion, you can apply a leather conditioner to keep them beautiful.  We recommend rotating your hide every three months in high traffic areas.  As with any natural product, please note you can expect color and pattern variances from hide to hide.

How do I take care of and clean my Forsyth sheepskin rugs and pillows? Wool fleece is a natural fiber and resists soiling, thus simplifying cleaning.  In most cases, spot cleaning with warm water is all that is needed.  To restore the pile to its original state, brush it up with a coarse brush. Wire slicker brushes work best and do not harm the fleece. Or shake out the skins and vacuum with attachment only.

Where do your hide rugs come from?  Forsyth is renowned as the world's foremost buyer of the finest Burchell’s zebra hides.  Burchell's zebras are not endangered.  They are prolific and are spread throughout the open savannas of southeastern Africa.  Forsyth works with large, sustainable game ranches that are licensed to cull a number of zebras for population control.  Cowhides are produced in many countries but it is universally known that the best hair-on cowhides come from Brazil.  Forsyth cowhide rugs are produced in Brazil by one of the finest tanneries on earth.  Using an expensive, time honored tanning process Forsyth hides obtain the highest level of softness while the beautiful cow hair remains shiny and strong.  Rest assured that if we stamp our name Forsyth on it, you will not find a more beautiful zebra hide or cowhide rug.

The rug or pillow I want is sold out.  When will it be available?  Please contact us if the product you are interested in is sold out.  Each Forsyth rug and pillow is one of a kind, so we hope you fall in love with another one of our unique items.  We are happy to help you find a rug or pillow!   Don't hesitate to contact us

What if my product arrives damaged?  We stand 100% behind our products.  Each piece is inspected before shipping and is packed carefully to ensure safe transport.  We encourage you to inspect your items on receipt of your purchase.  Please contact us if you believe your product to be damaged during shipping in any way.

How do you charge sales tax?  Sales tax of 7.863% will be charged only on items shipped within Missouri.  No tax will be applied to orders outside of MO.

Questions, Comments, Concerns, or Feedback?  Always feel free to contact if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.  We appreciate any feedback you may have.  For help by phone, please call (314)422-1118 Mon-Fri (9AM-5PM CST).  If you reach our voicemail, we will return your call at our earliest possible convenience.