Brazilian Cowhide Rug, Tri-Color - FORSYTH

Brazilian Cowhide Rug, Tri-Color



Cowhides are produced in many countries but it is universally known that the finest hair-on cowhides come from Brazil.  Forsyth cowhide rugs are produced in Brazil by one of the finest tanneries on earth.  Using an expensive, time honored tanning process Forsyth hides obtain the highest level of softness while the beautiful cow hair remains shiny and strong.  Rest assured that if we stamp our name Forsyth on it, you will not find a more beautiful cowhide rug.

This rug has been hand-selected by our critical-eyed Forsyth team and meets our high standards of hair quality, coloring, tanning excellence, and size.  You will not find a cowhide rug as soft, luxurious, and lustrous as a Forsyth cowhide rug. Layer multiple rugs for an incredible look to your room.







Approximately 8 x 9 ft.


Brazilian Cowhide



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    Brazilian Cowhide Rug, Tri-Color - FORSYTH
    Brazilian Cowhide Rug, Tri-Color - FORSYTH