The Modern Ottoman in St. Frank Ewe Kente

The Modern Ottoman in St. Frank Ewe Kente



Part of our Forsyth x St. Frank collection. This bespoke ottoman is perfect for a variety of uses - ottoman, coffee table, bench at the end of a bed, etc. Handmade by master iron craftsmen and our dedicated upholstery team, the welded steel legs are the perfect base. This example shows St. Frank's Ecru Cactus Silk with white painted metal legs. 

From St. Frank | Considered one of the most significant textiles of the African subcontinent, kente cloth was historically made from silk, reserved for chiefs and kings, and worn as festive dress on special occasions, such as a gathering of elders or the inauguration of new royalty. To create kente cloth, individual textiles are woven, cut up, and sewn together in elaborate patchwork patterns. The word kente is derived from kenten - the word for basket in the Twi language of the Ghana-Togo mountains _ because of the resemblance between the woven patchwork textile and the region's baskets. In addition to being worn on special occasions, kente cloth has traditionally appeared in other prominent ceremonial objects, including drums, shields, fans, and umbrellas. This style of kente cloth comes from the Ewe people of Togo and Ghana.

Lead Time for Ottoman: Please allow 10 - 13 weeks.



Forsyth, USA




40 W x 30 D x 17 H in


Steel base and Printed Linen Upholstery Fabric cushion


New and made to order.

Shipping & Delivery

$425 in the U.S. 

This cost is for white glove shipping in the United States. Arrives in 3 to 6 weeks. Cost includes full insurance, item collection and packaging, shipping and handling, and delivery by appointment. You don’t need to lift a finger. Just point to the spot in your home where this beauty will live and our trusted white glove partners will do the heavy lifting.

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The Modern Ottoman in St. Frank Ewe Kente
The Modern Ottoman in St. Frank Ewe Kente