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ZEBRA HIDE RUG - Sweet Grass
ZEBRA HIDE RUG - Sweet Grass
$ 1,900.00

$ 2,800.00

ZEBRA HIDE RUG - Sweet Grass

Forsyth zebra hides are hand selected with a critical eye for their one-of-a-kind coloring, stripe patterns, and natural markings by the Forsyth team. Each hide is unique and meets our high standards of hair quality, tanning excellence, and size.  Forsyth zebra hide rugs are found in the most beautiful homes on Earth.

  •  101 in x 82 in
  • length is measured from tip of nose to start of tail and width is measured at widest edges of hind legs
  • 100% natural zebra hide
  • unlined
  • care instructions on FAQ page and included with your rug
  • you will receive the rug shown