Small Brass Tape Dispenser

Small Brass Tape Dispenser



Office chic. Our tape dispensers are made in Japan by a storied brass manufacturer, Futagami. They are Ihada or a type of casting that leaves a crude finish which will gradually patina over time, creating a richer color. The dispensers are heavy but stable.  The space under the bar bridging the two pillars makes it easy for one to insert their hand to carry it around. The blade for cutting the tape and the rotor are also made out of solid brass. Form meets function meets cool.   

Note: As the blade is polished out from a solid brass, it is not as sharp as compared to the stainless steel blade of a conventional plastic tape dispenser. Therefore, the tape should be applied to the blade from the side and pushed down diagonally to cut. Do not try to cut the tape straight down to the blade.

The Small size is for 0.6-0.7 inch wide tape with an inner core diameter between 0.9-1.18 inches. For example, Scotch tape.



Futagami, Japan




4.13 W x 1.77 D x 3.11 H inches





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Small Brass Tape Dispenser
Small Brass Tape Dispenser
Small Brass Tape Dispenser