Luxurious Alpaca Fabrics for Interiors

After a global search of luxury fabric labels, we stumbled upon Inata and fell in love with their offering. The alpaca fabrics have such beautiful textures and are as soft as cashmere. And we love that the majority are completely natural and undyed. 

Inata is a French fabric label founded in 2015 with an emphasis on sustainability, fair trade, and craftsmanship. They work directly with pastoral communities in the Peruvian Altiplano to create their beautiful fabrics, preserving the rich heritage of local herders and alpaca farmers. By combining traditional weaving techniques with modern, innovative finishes, Inata's collection of fabrics are exquisitely soft and beautiful. 

"We are so thrilled to represent this incredible collection of fabrics. Alpaca looks chic, cozy, and cool on just about any piece of furniture too, from traditional to modern," says Maggie Kidd, Forsyth Co-founder.

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