Bison Hide Rug - FORSYTH

Bison Hide Rug



Bison hides have been used for over a thousand years to warm up home and hearth. Sourced from a leading bison hide tannery in the U.S., our luxurious bison hides are rich in color and the fur is soft and thick. No two are alike as no artificial dyes are used. They are also prepared using sustainable tanning methods that avoid harsh, toxic chemicals while honoring the long, storied tradition of the North American buffalo hide.







Approximately 81 x 64 in


Natural bison hide



Shipping & Delivery

$25 in the U.S. 

For our bison hide rugs, we ship FedEx Ground. Arrives in 3 to 5 days. Do you need it faster?  Inquire here.

Worldwide shipping available. Inquire here.


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    Bison Hide Rug - FORSYTH
    Bison Hide Rug - FORSYTH
    Bison Hide Rug - FORSYTH
    Bison Hide Rug - FORSYTH
    Bison Hide Rug - FORSYTH