Forsyth, founded by sisters Maggie and Annie Genovese and artist John O’Hara, is a Saint Louis based gallery presenting both design and contemporary art. Forsyth specializes in the restoration and upholstery of curated antique and mid-century designs. Their focus on material, natural hides sourced from around the world and the most luxurious fabrics, creates a collection of one-of-a-kind designs from the past reimagined for modern living. 

Forsyth is the exclusive gallery of contemporary artist, John O'Hara.

In addition to curated vintage design and art, Forsyth's permanent home decor collection includes new, hand-selected cowhide rugs from Brazil, zebra hide rugs from southern Africa, and sheepskins from New Zealand, Brazil, Sweden, and California and beautiful pillows and ottomans newly produced in their Saint Louis studio.