Yama Throw Blanket

Yama Throw Blanket



Handmade with shuttle looms with a superior quality double twisted cashmere yarns from Mongolia, eco-sustainable fibres with registered traceability.

A wooden shuttle runs "back and forth" along an ancient loom. Today, a soft carded cashmere throw takes its shape on this noisy and trembling machine, where weavers move slowly in a timeless surroundings, acting like sailors on a warship. Some of them takes care about the tension of the warp while someone else sets the gears and the clutches of the inside mechanism; some looks after all the weaving team, searching for any solution to solve the tens of problems that come and go everyday, in order to have its duty well done at the end of the day. The yarn cones are lined up, to deliver their precious contents to the small spool waiting to be boarded on the next shuttle.

59 x 81 inches

Jacquard woven 100% cashmere. Fringe edge. Made in Italy. 

About the Brand | Chiarastella Cattana is a fabric designer based in Venice, Italy. Her work weaves traditional craftsmanship together with contemporary colours and patterns. By mixing different threads, she is able to give her creations a life and texture that are her signature.

Her career began in Milan, at a time when Made in Italy was stressing the importance of product quality. Through the experience in fashion, her knowledge of fabrics became the rule, and made her passion grow stronger. Full of movement, her designs are uniquely modern, bringing innovation to traditional weaving techniques.

The collection is the outcome of continuous research and careful attention to details. Linen, cotton, merino wool, cashmere, silk and other blends—we only use the finest Italian yarns to thoughtfully produce enduring textiles, respecting nature and its resources.



Chiarastella Cattana, Italy




59 x 81 inches


Jacquard Woven 100% cashmere 


We suggest using mild detergent. No bleach or softener. Gently hand washing in cold water or cold water machine washable. Wool program. Max 400 rpm spin speed. No tumble dry.

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Yama Throw Blanket
Yama Throw Blanket
Yama Throw Blanket
Yama Throw Blanket