From Artsy:  Since the 1970s American painter Robert Baribeau has explored landscapes and places through dynamic canvases that recall Abstract Expressionism and its visceral relationship to the thick, fluid medium of paint. Baribeau’s layered texturing of colors is reminiscent of Gerhard Richter, while his inclusion of found, collaged elements and mixed media is influenced by Robert Rauschenburg's assembled compositions. Baribeau melds the post-war energy of New York City with the sublime nature of the Hudson River Valley, representing land as blurred horizontal strips broken by drips, blotches, and naive forms.

Newly framed in a beautiful gilt frame.



Robert Baribeau 




Art is 22 W x 28.125 H in and Framed is 29.5 W x 36.5 H in


Oil and Mixed Media on paper.


Great condition. Newly framed.

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$225 in the U.S. 

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