Wetland, 2018

Wetland, 2018



A majestic purple heron explores our local estuary in this illuminated update on the traditional Victorian diorama.

Original artwork by Christopher Tennant.

From Town & Country December 2023: "The writer and artist Chris Tennant is best known for upcycled floor lamps and taxidermied dioramas, which were the subject not so long ago of an exhibit at the Vanderbilt Museum, surely one of the more curious destinations in all of Long Island. For his Fall 2023 'Venus' collection, Tennant is working on a smaller scale, fashioning surreal light fixtures out of seashells that would make Salvador Dali twirl his mustache with appreciation. The man who gave us the famed Lobster Telephone named his 1939 New York World's Fair pavilion, which featured nude models covered with strategically placed crustaceans, 'The Dream of Venus.' Thankfully, Tennant's raw materials are inanimate, and he makes each piece to order at his studio in Brooklyn." —Erik Maza, Executive Style Director

Width: 24” (60.9 cm)
Depth: 6” (15.2 cm)
Height: 32” (81.2 cm)
Cord Length: 8’ (243.8 cm)

Materials: Glass-fronted wood vitrine with brass and ebonized wood frame, upcycled antique purple heron, juvenile black cod, deer spine, various weeds and grasses, sand, stone, asphalt, rocks, shells, juvenile crab, aluminum can, Star Wars ‘Luke Skywalker’ action figure, shotgun shells, bottle caps, plastic bags and other detritus; glue, oil paint, wood, 12w led with integrated dimmer, plate glass, fabric-covered cord, hinged frame.

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Tennant NY


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    Wetland, 2018
    Wetland, 2018