Stool with Handle - 54 cm

Stool with Handle - 54 cm



Ibazen is a furniture workshop located in a small town called Biei on the island of Hokkaido, Japan.  The chief designer and maker, Iba Takahito, learned his practice under wood sculptor Takahashi Yoshiaki and at Studio Yazakawa until he founded his namesake brand in 2007. Takahito uses traditional Japanese woodworking techniques to create works of art. All the wood he uses is Japanese and mostly found on Hokkaido, from oak to cherry. Finishing is all done by hand using hand-held planes and a specially formulated lacquer called Urushi, creating a durable, long-lasting, lustrous masterpiece. Ibazen's pieces showcase past designs that are functional, comfortable and to be enjoyed for modern living.

We love the stool with handle. The Japanese oak is beautiful. Carry it with you for any everyday task. You can see the artist's hand at work with the fine tool marks and Urushi finish. The top surface forms a shallow concave for a comfortable seat. It also makes a great stepstool and side table.

The Ibazen stool is available in five heights: 30 cm, 36 cm, 42 cm, 48 cm, and 54 cm.

Made to Order: Please allow 12-16 weeks.



Ibazen, Japan




30 W x 30 D x 54 H centimeters (11.8 W x 11.8 D x 21.25 H inches)


Japanese Oak



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Stool with Handle - 54 cm
Stool with Handle - 54 cm
Stool with Handle - 54 cm
Stool with Handle - 54 cm
Stool with Handle - 54 cm