Balloon Floor Lamp

Balloon Floor Lamp



Jamie Wolfond for Matter Made.

A sculptural grouping of lights, born from a series of experiments with balloons and wire, featuring a table lamp, floor lamp, and sconce made from blown glass pinched between a tubular steel frame.

About Jamie Wolfond | Jamie Wolfond is a Canadian designer of furniture, lighting and tools for everyday living. Each of his designs begins with an observation about the material world — a car's differential mechanism, a bendy straw, a lichen that grows only on the shady side of a rock. Wolfond explores these phenomena through a series of hands-on experiments, each one building on the discoveries of the one before until one of these ideas asks to be developed into a useful object. Wolfond and his team collaborate with skilled tradespeople and factories to resolve each design. By allowing the strengths of an individual manufacturer to influence his designs, Wolfond creates objects that are inherently suited to production — things that want to be made. The results of this process are at once exceptional and familiar, both reflecting and transforming common elements of material culture.

Dimensions | 
13 L x 10.5 W x 42.5 H inches, 
33 L x 26.7 W x H 108 H cm

Lead Time | 14 -16 week lead time

Finishes | 
• White 
• Black 

Light Source | 
Line Voltage G9 LED, 
120V / 220V input

Switch | 
Foot switch on cord



Matter Made


13 L x 10.5 W x 42.5 H inches


Aluminum, Steel, Glass



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    Balloon Floor Lamp
    Balloon Floor Lamp
    Balloon Floor Lamp
    Balloon Floor Lamp
    Balloon Floor Lamp