Arca Portable Lamp


Designed in 2020, the Arca Portable is the latest addition to the iconic Arca collection, designed by Philippe Malouin. The Arca Portable lamp is the first of its kind to the contemporary market, designed and built with today's user in mind. Inside the small opal glass globe is a single and powerful 110lm LED module.

Plugged in, the lamp offers endless hours of use as a bedside, reading or task lamp. Untethered, its lithium battery offers 6-30 hours of use depending on which of its 4 settings are used – night, ambient, reading or task. Travel ready, the stem is also demountable for easy flat packing. Selection of international plugs included.

This beauty is the definition of form meets function. We tested it ourselves before adding it to our collection. Inside uses are endless but we really love using it outside on the porch for reading and dining. With the weather warming up, this lamp is the perfect accessory for your outdoor living spaces.

Voltage (V)
120 or 240 V

Light Source 
LED / CRI 90 

Power Source
Rechargeable Lithium Battery 
120V / 240V input 
Holds charge for 5 hours at full brightness 
US / EU / UK plugs included

Button on base to dim in four settings: 
15% - 45% - 70% - 100%






16.5 H x 7.5 W x 4.5 D inches


Brass, Aluminum, Glass



Shipping & Delivery

$25 in the U.S. 

For our smaller home décor items, we ship FedEx Ground. Arrives in 3 to 5 days. Do you need it faster? Inquire here.

Worldwide shipping available. Inquire here.


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    Arca Portable Lamp
    Arca Portable Lamp
    Arca Portable Lamp
    Arca Portable Lamp