Paper Lantern - Bobbin

Paper Lantern - Bobbin



We love these small Akari-inspired, Washi paper lanterns. They are battery-operated and made in Japan by manufacturer, Hayashi Kougei. The lantern is cordless, so you can use it anywhere; on the table for dinner, as a reading light in the bedroom, for taking a walk at night, and more. It can be hung with the metal handle or placed on a flat surface.

Two batteries (size AA) are included. The battery lasts approximately 100 hours. Change the batteries when the light becomes dim.



Hayashi Kougei, Japan




4.14 Diameter x 11.22 H inches


Washi-paper, Wood, Metal Wire handle



Shipping & Delivery

$15 in the U.S.

For our smaller home décor items, we ship FedEx Ground. Arrives in 3 to 5 days. Do you need it faster? Inquire here.

Worldwide shipping available. Inquire here.


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Paper Lantern - Bobbin
Paper Lantern - Bobbin
Paper Lantern - Bobbin
Paper Lantern - Bobbin
Paper Lantern - Bobbin