We are thrilled to be the first US retailer of Colville, the Milan-based label founded by Lucinda Chambers (former Fashion Director of British Vogue) and Molly Molloy (former Design Director at Marni). Colville brings a kaleidoscope of color, pattern, texture, and craftsmanship to every piece that leaves their studio. Each item, whether a cozy wool blanket, a striped jute rug, a knitted throw, or shaggy pouf exemplifies their love of color, pattern, and texture.

A few of our favorites pieces...


Co-Founders Lucinda Chambers and Molly Molloy answer a few questions from us. Answers from Molly.
You both have had incredible journeys in the fashion world. Can you tell us about your journey to start Colville? How did you meet, the story behind the name?
We met at Marni in 2005 and we knew we wanted to continue our working relationships when we left, we couldn’t imagine not continuing our creative collaboration. So we started Colville, we wanted to create a sustainable and conscious brand together, to make products that have a longevity and a story to tell. Colville the name came from the terrace in Londons Notting Hill, David Hockney used to hang out there in the 70’s we loved the connotations it holds. We also loved the way the name looked and it didn’t sound either masculine or feminine.
Was the plan to always offer a home collection along with the ready-to-wear collection? 
The homeware came about very organically as Lucinda and I are pretty obsessed by design in all areas and just as passionate about interiors as we are clothes for us it’s automatic that the two go and in hand. We are really into making our home and workspaces interesting and special, we started with the super shag rugs after a Turkish friend introduced us to the weavers…… and wonderful things followed.

Let’s talk about your amazing sourcing process. You have a key ethos of sustainability with an emphasis on craft. Can you tell us how this decision came about and how you discovered the many craftspeople around the world that create the home items?  What surprises or challenges did you encounter?
We love collaborating with people who have wonderfull skills or a distinctive point of view. Collaborations come out of always being curious, meeting people and appreciating their craftmendship wether its from Turkey to Mexico to Colombia to Bangladesh, whats amazing is connectivity. We both discovered craftspeople on different journeys, I met an amazing Colombian woman on a beach in Mexico who wanted to help Colombian tribeswomen who were suffering from climate change and displacement, so we exchanged numbers and in our second season we launched our Cylinder bag. Lucinda sat next to an NGO at a lunch who was working to help women weavers in Bangladesh. We work with the challenges and always want to go about things in a slow considered way and respect the artisan’s way of working and time taken over each product, that requires changing the mindset of people wanting more and immediately. 

Which Colville home piece is your favorite?
It’s a really tough decision because obviously everything we make we love!!. Lucinda is obsessed with vase the Bowling vase as each new colour way that comes in she falls in love all over again. 

Mine this season would be the brushed mohair rugs; it was so exciting to do this project with the artisan in the Turkish mountains. He’s the only known artisan left weaving in this way and he’d never woven colour so we asked him to move out of his comfort zone and he created something wonderful and unique for us.

What are your 3 favorite items at Forsyth?
The Prouve day bed - Who wouldn’t want to have this in their house!! It would also be an amazing backdrop for a Colville blanket!
The Roger Sprunger chairs are to die for, they are such a great design!
We love the practicality and coolness of the Hasegawa steps, no need to hide these in a cupboard!.

Who is your favorite artist or designer you often turn to for inspiration?
Lucinda always turns to Milton Avery for unexpected colour combinations as he never fails to surprise and delight. 
I’m constantly blown away by Carlo Scarpa. Seeing his work when I first moved to Italy at the Olivetti shop in Piazza San Marco Venice, I lost my heart to this great Italian architect.
What is your favorite way to create a statement in a room?
For Lucinda it’s always the colours, it’s the paint on the walls, easy and exciting way to create an atmosphere.
For me it’s the lighting or artwork but I have to say our Super Shag Pouf is a great talking point and brings any room to life, I have one in my living room and guests are automatically drawn to it.

What is your favorite decor piece in your own home right now?
For Lucinda it’s her new Kavel Rafferty print,  it has all the colours she loves in one print.
My vintage Sputnik glass chandelier is my new love….. it’s out of control!

Top 3 favorite Instagram accounts to follow?

What is your most prized possession?
For Lucinda, her mother's signet ring, she wears it everyday and thinks of her.
For me, it’s my Peter Doig limited edition, I could look at it all day and never get bored.