Introducing the Forsyth Shag Rug Collection.

Our Shag Rugs are handwoven in Turkey by traditional weavers in silky mohair and beautiful sheep’s wool. The natural fibers are spun using a special weave technique that results in a long, soft, plush pile. The Forsyth Shag Rugs are designed in natural, neutral colors with an emphasis on craftsmanship.

The design inspiration | Anne and Maggie grew up with a 1970s Flokati rug their Mom shlepped home from Greece during her world travels. They've been wanting to recreate that style since day one - a thick, high pile, run your fingers through, shaggy, chic rug in a most luxurious manner.

The Shag Rugs come in 3 styles, The Mohair Shag Rug (100% mohair), The Woolly Shag Rug (40% mohair, 60% wool), and The Woolly Shag Rug in a shorter, sheared pile.

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The Mohair Shag Rug



The Woolly Shag Rug


The Wooly Shag Rug, Short Pile