It is no surprise we love the interiors and fabrics designed by London-based inteiors designer, Beata Heuman. It is an absolute joy to see our Forsyth Mushroom in her office at her new showroom in London, 188 Hammersmith Road. 

This particular Mushroom is covered in 'Nettle,' a beautiful printed linen. Nettle was inspired by a 16th century botanical print, which Beata Heuman re-imagined and transformed into a large, scrolling pattern. It works well both on drapery and upholstery where it can easily turn and twist around the soft bends of sofa arms and backs. Beata Heuman developed the main pigment to resemble what they call gilver: an antiqued golden silver which subtly catches the light. It represents the stinging nettle’s velvety yet dangerous surface. The gilver is set off by the wiry, dense, saffron coloured stems. Nettle is hand printed in the UK. As the repeat is large, two screens are used per colour in the making process rather than the usual one. Screen printed patterns are usually printed on neutral, light backcloths which makes this nettle green linen cloth unique. 

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