Hunting Season partner and COO, Lena Baranovsky, and colleague Vanessa Molina joined Laura Katherine Sawyier for SALON x LKS Vol. 3 at the Forsyth studio on September 20-21, 2019. The Hunting Season team touched down for their first-ever trip to Saint Louis to introduce the luxury handbag collection, sharing insights into the brand-owned production facility in Colombia, which employs 50+ employees, and building an emerging global brand. The artisans and creative team are primarily women, who are highly skilled in an ancient weaving technique that is synonymous with the Hunting Season aesthetic.

The conversation kicked-off by prompting guests in attendance to raise their hands if the professional work they're performing today is entirely different than what they were doing ten years ago. Lena and Laura raised their hands, joined by most in the room, which points to it never being too late to go after what you want in life. Lena also shared her experience navigating what many working mother’s juggle; her life as a mom, wife, business partner, friend, and embracing all the multi-faceted parts of who we are. How she ultimately takes care of herself first so that she can give back to the people and work she loves. Guests shopped and sipped with Lena and Vanessa on Friday evening and all day Saturday at Forsyth. Bites provided by AO&Co.