The combination of Cathrine Saks’s degree in fashion design and tailoring and Barbara Potts's BA in art history makes the perfect design duo, according to the childhood friends who founded the clothing brand Saks Potts in Copenhagen in 2014. Their mix of technical expertise and artistic understanding has been the foundation for creating sophisticated clothes inspired by their love for Copenhagen. Together, they have built up a design studio in a stunning historic building honouring the space by adding their own elements of patina and design history.



“The style in our showroom is very personal, warm, and cosy. We have prioritised a homely feeling rather than a store-like space as we believe our guests should get a holistic experience of who we are. We have created a universe where you get the feeling of stepping into a private wardrobe and choosing furniture that we feel can do the same as our clothes combining aesthetics with practicality. We love to incorporate new and old furniture with art, literature, fresh flowers, and small personal items that together create an expression complementing our collections.

Our showroom is housed in a historic building on Bredgade in Copenhagen. When we had the other furniture custom-made, we wanted to add an element of history that had acquired some patina over the years. We carefully selected the remaining furniture to be classic to complement the sophisticated expression and spent quite some time looking for the perfect chairs and finally found these second-hand J39s.

We both had these chairs in our childhood homes. It's one of those things that has always been there but that you only become fascinated by as an adult. We are generally delighted with designs that do not go out of fashion and feel that the best design is the one that has no age.

The J39 perfectly exemplifies a timeless, classic design that fits our office style of relaxed sophistication.”




About the J39 Portraits by Fredericica | J39, commonly known as “the people’s chair”, has won the hearts of design enthusiasts worldwide for more than seven decades, and this year it has been 75 years since Børge Mogensen drew his immortal classic. Fredericia marked the anniversary with a series of portraits visiting Copenhagen creatives having the J39 in their homes or studio to chat about what makes good design, creating a particular atmosphere and choosing furniture with the heart.

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Versatile and iconic, J39 is recognized for its timeless appeal and lasting durability. Designed by Børge Mogensen and launched in 1947, it has been in continuous production for more than 75 years, and has been used in private homes, brasseries and public institutions ever since. This enduring design continues to inspire people around the world with the power of modest expression and sustainable quality.


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